mysterio 617
In this photo, Rey Mysterio delivers a 619 to Kane after he — like the 3,700 opponents of Mysterio who preceded him — somehow ended up in a very vulnerable position.

In what is widely considered the luckiest streak in sports-entertainment history, yet another opponent of Rey Mysterio’s — like more than 3,700 who preceded him — fortuitously landed in the perfect position for Mysterio’s signature finisher, the 619.

After Mysterio dropkicked opponent Baron Corbin from behind, Corbin feel forward such that his arms draped over the middle rope, from which a dazed Corbin could not extract himself.

Mysterio, unable to believe his luck that such a thing would happen yet again, against unbelievable odds, muttered “wow” to himself before attacking Corbin with his swing-through double-kick.

“I mean, the odds of it happening twice in a row were crazy enough,” said Mysterio after the match. “But nearly 4,000 times in a row? Every time it happens, I’m, like, ‘weeeeird,’ you know?”

The odds of that many opponents stumbling into the same vulnerable position have been estimated as 4 trillion to one.

Some skeptics say the only explanation is that wrestling matches are somehow scripted or choreographed, but of course only an idiot would believe that.

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