Struggling professional wrestler Zack Ryder reached a new low point in his career yesterday when he quickly lost a squash match to an actual squash.

Ryder lasted barely a minute against the ripe, two-pound gourd at a World Wrestling Entertainment house show in Dallas.

The gourd, a butternut squash that was supposed to be an ingredient in a soup cooked by WWE caterers, somehow managed to pin Ryder for a three count, much to the live audience’s delight.

Ryder, who hasn’t won a wrestling match in months, was justifiably surprised by the outcome: “I don’t know what happened, bro,” said Ryder.

“One minute I’m stealing a squash from catering, and the next minute it’s pinning me in the middle of the ring.”

The unusual match marks the first time a professional wrestler has been defeated by an inanimate piece of vegetation.

According to backstage sources, the squash has been signed to a developmental contract.

Ryder, meanwhile, is seeking redemption in a match next week against a zucchini.

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