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WWE Network available via free online service called “YouTube”

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YouTube, known colloquially among wrestling fans as the WWE Network, is a free, 24/7 wrestling video streaming service.

A 24/7 video streaming service — offering thousands of professional wrestling matches, interviews and documentaries — is now available for free through something called YouTube.

One might be inclined to call YouTube a kind of “WWE Network,” due to the vast repository of World Wrestling Entertainment content available on the service.

Launched in 2005, the service provides users with free, anytime/anywhere access to a wealth of pro wrestling material, from past pay-per-view events to great moments from promotions including ECW, WCW, and AWA.

The service requires no sign-up or monthly fee, as well as the option to comment on and share videos through social media, making it a highly popular destination for wrestling fans.

“YouTube has so much wrestling stuff, it’s literally, like, over the top,” enthused one fan in an online forum. “I could spend every minute of my life watching wrestling on there and still never run out of things to see.”

The service is so widely available and popular, wrestling fans would be crazy to invest money in any other video-streaming provider.

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