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WWE introduces North Korean heel Kim Jong Bundy

kim jong bundyProfessional wrestling has always pitted patriotic “real American” heroes against dastardly foreigners, and WWE is now capitalizing on North Korea’s nuclear sabre-rattling with the introduction of a new monster heel, Kim Jong Bundy. 

Clad in a black singlet, sporting the childlike bowl haircut favored by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the corpulent Bundy is expected to debut next week on Raw. 

Inside sources reveal that Bundy will attack Raw General Manager and former American Olympian Kurt Angle, with assistance from his mysterious masked manager KimChee. 

Due to the scarcity of professional wrestlers actually from North Korea, Bundy will be portrayed by Japanese wrestler Hideo Itami, who has spent the past month consuming nothing but Baconators and whipped cream to bulk up for the role. 

According to rumors, Bundy will square off at WrestleMania inside a blue steel cage against WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump. 

Asked by reporters whether the new gimmick is in questionable taste, WWE honcho Vince McMahon replied: “When has that ever stopped us before?”




















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