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Terry Funk has accidental barbed-wire deathmatch with barbed-wire fence

Terry Funk barbwire

Terry Funk attempts to free himself during an unintentional barbed-wire deathmatch.

Though officially retired from the ring, hardcore wrestling legend Terry Funk inadvertently participated in a barbed-wire deathmatch yesterday when he stumbled into the fence surrounding his Double-Cross Ranch in Amarillo, TX.

After tripping over a prairie dog hole, the 68-year-old wrestling veteran tumbled head-first into coils of barbed wire intended to keep his cattle from wandering astray.

Purely out of instinct, Funk then surreptitiously reached into his pocket and grabbed a small blade, which he used to slice a small gash in his forehead, thus producing a torrent of blood.

Although he had no opponent or audience, Funk decided to make the best of a bad situation by taking several more “bumps” into the barbed wire, writhing in exaggerated agony with each.

At one point he wrapped his right arm in barbed wire and delivered a clothesline to a fencepost, hollering “take that, you sonofabitch!”

Funk’s wife, watching the from the kitchen window, merely shook her head, muttered “not again,” and fetched the gauze.

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