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SummerSlam cancelled due to timing conflict with Total Divas

Summerslam 2013

SummerSlam has been cancelled in order to allow fans to watch Total Divas.

In an unprecedented last-minute change of plans, World Wrestling Entertainment has cancelled tonight’s SummerSlam pay-per-view because the company didn’t want to diminish viewership of Total Divas.

A press release just issued by the company states that “due to an unfortunate scheduling oversight, we double-booked our programming.”

In order to ensure that al WWE fans can watch Total Divas — a reality TV show that follows the lives and catty squabbles of female WWE talent — SummerSlam has “been postponed until a later date TBA.”

Many fans are upset with the decision, given that SummerSlam is one of WWE’s most popular and longest-running pay-per-views, and a good excuse to drink beer on a Sunday night.

The company has, however, invested a great deal of time and energy into promoting Total Divas, and therefore did not want to jeopardize viewership by running a concurrent event.

Tonight on Total Divas, Nikki Bella worries that she’s getting fat, Natalya gets a pedicure, one of the Funkadactyls cries for unknown reasons, and JoJo celebrates her 14th birthday.

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