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Sin Cara signs with TNA by accident

Sin cara tna

Sin Cara is expected to be repackaged as Kin Sara on TNA, and be World Champion by next week.

Masked professional wrestler Sin Cara has reportedly signed on with Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling, even though he was merely trying to renew his driver’s license online.

The Mexican superstar, well-known for his high-flying style, which frequently results in embarrassing slip-ups (or “botches”), apparently signed the TNA paperwork in complete error.

Having read rumors of his own release from World Wrestling Entertainment (after his character was portrayed by another wrestler, Hunico, on WWE television), Sin Cara realized he should renew his driver’s license and otherwise get his life in order.

While attempting to fill out an electronic form on the website for the Department of Motor Vehicles, Cara accidentally agreed to a four-year contract with TNA.

Sin Cara is expected to become TNA champion by next Thursday.

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