This Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view will be a bittersweet reminder for legendary professional wrestler Ric Flair of happier times when he had money in the bank.

Although Flair was once a limousine-riding, jet-flying son-of-a-gun, his lavish lifestyle and carefree hedonism drained his once-sizable bank account.

Flair’s dwindling savings can be blamed partly on his 77 ex-wives, each of whom earned enormous divorce settlements.

It is also believed that Flair secretly pays child support to the estimated 3,000 illegitimate children he has fathered with wrestling groupies, or “ring rats,” over the decades.

Flair is now charging two dollars apiece for “rides on Space Mountain,” but there have been few takers.

WWE has offered to fly Flair to Sunday’s pay-per-view, but Flair declined because he is unable to afford airport parking. Saddened and frustrated by his predicament, Flair viciously elbow-dropped his suit jacket, then bled profusely from the forehead.

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