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Regal, Neville declare independence in historic #WWExit

Regal neville brexit

Neville (foreground) and William Regal (awesome) have departed WWE, leaving the company’s future in jeopardy.

Inspired by their native country’s shocking departure from the European Union, British professional wrestlers William Regal and Neville have departed in what has been coined the #WWExit.

Regal, the elder statesman of British professional wrestlers, said he has been “besmirched” by World Wrestling Entertainment for far too long, and was “getting the bloody hell out of there.”

Neville, meanwhile, made his #WWExit without uttering a word, but instead by leaping in the air, flipping thrice, and flying away as if forgotten by gravity.

The duo say they are exiting WWE on behalf of all their fellow besmirched compatriots, past and present, including the Dynamite Kid,  Drew McIntryre, Paige, Lord Alfred Hayes, Davey Boy Smith, Paul Burchill and Matilda.

When the wrestlers decided they would depart WWE following a locker-room referendum, the bad news was delivered to Vince McMahon with great relish by Wade Barrett.



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