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Orton attains unprecedented popularity by doing nothing

Orton RKOS outta nowhere

Randy Orton is enjoying the biggest popularity of his career, thanks to not actually doing the kind of things depicted in this photo.

Professional wrestler Randy Orton is enjoying the greatest popularity of his career, thanks to his new strategy of doing absolutely nothing while fans on the internet digitally insert his likeness into quirky blooper videos.

Orton and his signature “RKO” maneuver have taken the internet by storm, trending on every social media service, thanks to Orton’s total lack of actual involvement.

Although Orton has achieved notoriety in the past for his villainy or heroism in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), such success pales in comparison to his newly adopted technique of idle passiveness while teenagers with too much time on their hands create “RKO Outta Nowhere” clips.

In the videos, which Orton has had no hand in creating, a haphazardly animated likeness of Orton appears to “RKO” hapless victims of various misfortunes, while overdubbed wrestling commentators jabber excitedly regarding the nowhere out of which the maneuver has come.

Although the key to Orton’s recent meteoric rise in popularity has been his utter lack of involvement, it is a guaranteed certainty that WWE and Orton will soon attempt to capitalize on the trend, at which point the trend will die a hasty death.

That process, by which WWE attempts to cash-in on an internet phenomenon and thus kills it, is known as “Fandangoing.”

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