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Natalya Touts toot

Natalya Fart

Natalya Touts a toot.

Embracing the new WWE-endorsed social networking platform Tout, Natalya reached out to fans yesterday in her own special way — she Touted a toot.

Known for occasionally tooting on live television, Natalia has decided to toot in a more interactive, fan-friendly way — with video footage of herself tooting on Tout.

“Tooooot,” said her bum on Tout.

Although it would have been considered disgusting if done by any other WWE performer, Natalya’s Touted toot had a girlish pitch, tone and timbre that most Tout users described as “adorable.”

“As far as I’m concerned, Nattie can Tout a toot anytime she wants,” said one wrestling fan on Tout.

The vast majority of wrestling fans, however, just continued using Twitter.




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