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Lesnar vows to take UFC opponent to “Five-Round Split-Decision City”

Lesnar suplex

Brock Lesnar says he has been preparing for his UFC comeback by taking himself to Elliptical Machine City.

During a break from training for his much-hyped return to the UFC Octagon in July, Brock Lesnar told reporters that he will take upcoming opponent Mark Hunt to “Five-Round Split-Decision City.”

Added Lesnar: “Bitch.”

Although it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as smoothly as Lesnar’s more established catch-phrase, “Suplex City, bitch,” the Beast Incarnate admitted he doesn’t want to exude overconfidence.

“It has been a while since I last competed in UFC,” said Lesnar, “so I daren’t overstate my abilities. Nobody likes a bragger.”

Lesnar said he thinks he can win the fight, but likely only by a slim margin, and only if he spends the next six weeks in Cardiovascular Conditioning and Strict Diet City.

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