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Lesnar and Noble exchange insurance information following fender-bender

Lesnar car

Brock Lesnar stands on the car he accidentally hit yesterday.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) personalities Brock Lesnar and Jamie Noble diligently exchanged insurance information yesterday after a fender-bender involving an axe resulted in damage to Noble’s new Cadillac.

Lesnar, who is relieved to have saved a bunch of money on car insurance since switching to Geico, expressed regret over the fender-bender, which left Noble’s car with several shattered windows and axe-shaped puncture holes.

“I don’t know what happened,” admitted Lesnar. “One minute a walrus was barking at me, and the next minute there was broken class everywhere.”

Somehow during the accident, the driver’s-side door of the car was torn off its hinges and hurled across the arena, which will likely take insurance adjusters some time to figure out.

The accident was a heartbreaker for Noble, who had recently completed a “delightful” road trip in the cherry-red car with life-partner Joey Mercury.

Things could have been worse, however: Kane, who typically rides in the back seat of the car (which was strewn with broken glass in the accident), was vacationing in Hawaii at the time.

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