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LEAKED! Jericho’s list mostly just the word “Kevin” with heart over the “i”

Jericho list

Jericho’s list is not exactly what he claims it to be.

Although the so-called “List of Jericho” is ostensibly a tally of grievances compiled by pro wrestler Chris Jericho, a leaked photo reveals it is actually doe-eyed doodles about his “bestest friendsie evvverrr,” Kevin Owens.

Jericho claims to have been chronicling an ever-growing list of “stupid idiots” who have wronged him, but the photo instead demonstrates a bromantic obsession with his rugged fellow Canadian.

Included on the list of Jericho:

  • “Kevin’s favourite zoo animals,” listed from aardvark to zebra
  • A playlist Jericho is compiling for Owens, including several Fozzy ballads
  • 73 instances of the word “Kevin” with heart over the “i”
  • Several calligraphic instances of the name “Chris Owens”
  • The first 389 items of “1,004 things I like about Kevin”

Although Jericho and Owens have been best friends for months, some keen-eyed pundits have noticed mounting tension between them, which, if true, would mark the first time in the history of pro wrestling that two allies have turned against one other.



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