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Indecisive wrestling fans launch “Maybe Movement”


A wrestling fan celebrates his general indifference toward Daniel Bryan.

An apathetic group of wrestling fans who can’t be bothered to form a strong opinion on underdog wrestler Daniel Bryan have organized themselves into the so-called Maybe Movement.

The fans — who think Daniel Bryan is a good-enough wrestler but don’t really understand the cult-like mass devotion to him — can be identified by a rhythmic shrugging of the shoulders and a lethargic synchronized sigh of “Maybe.”

Members of the Maybe Movement believe Bryan deserves a decent “spot” in the upper echelon of World Wrestling Entertainment’s roster, but they equally enjoy the work of stars like Randy Orton and John Cena.

“I dunno, Bryan’s OK, I guess,” said wrestling fan Elliott Blackmore, adding that “the whole ‘Yes’ schtick is getting a bit stale, though.”

The Maybe Movement has already spawned a number of sub-groups. A cadre of habitual procrastinators has formed the “Maybe Later Movement,” and hipster fans who only watch wrestling ironically have launched the “Whatever Movement.”

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