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Halle Berry fires her agent

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Halle Berry (left) fired her agent after a career-damaging appearance on Monday Night Raw.

Following a career-damaging appearance on Monday Night Raw to hype a movie produced by WWE Studios, actress Halle Berry has wisely fired her agent.

Berry is hoping to prevent any further descent down the slippery slope toward the Hollywood D-List — a frequent side-effect suffered by celebrities who get involved in WWE projects.

Berry appeared Monday Night Raw this week to promote The Call, an action-suspense movie that will almost certainly join the bargain-bin ranks of other WWE-produced movies such as Knucklehead, The Chaperone and See No Evil.

During the pre-recorded skit, Berry received phone calls from David Otunga and Kane, the latter of whom demonstrated a stalker-like obsession for the actress.

Berry fired her agent this morning after receiving an email from Cyndi Lauper that simply read: “Save your career — no more wrestling.”




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