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Gullible mark believes football is real

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Naive football fan Tamara Strachan is under the mistaken impression that her beloved sport is not a scripted charade.

Tamara Strachan, an avid football fan from Vancouver, actually believes American football is a real sport in which two teams engage in a legitimate athletic competition.

Strachan is what’s known in football lingo as a “mark” — a gullible dupe believes that two teams of 11 players on the so-called gridiron actually toil in fierce opposition to advance a pigskin ball up and down a field to score points.

Unlike most other fans, who enjoy the choreographed spectacle of football because it represents a simplistic pantomime of violence, Strachan is not “smart” to the football business.

She believes, for example, that a recent game between her beloved Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots actually had some important meaning beyond a frivolous, make-believe distraction from real life.

She is seemingly unaware that the two teams planned the outcome of the game in advance and cooperated to make the action as exciting as possible.

Strachan is “super excited” for the Super Bowl (which is the NFL’s half-assed version of WrestleMania), blissfully unaware that the outcome was predetermined by the NFL’s so-called “creative team” several months ago.

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