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Great Khali disassembled, sold for scrap

Great Khali now

The enormous humanoid automaton known as The Great Khali was never built to last more than a few years.

Having reached the end of its usefulness in World Wrestling Entertainment, the now-obsolete Great Khali has been sold to a scrapyard to be permanently decommissioned.

The seven-foot-tall humanoid robot — which was eerily human in some ways, but very obviously an automaton in most other ways — entertained millions of fans with its wobbly style of “wrestling” in WWE.

Known for its pelican-like jaw, its herky-jerky gait, and its incomprehensible utterances, The Great Khali provided much-needed comic relief in the otherwise very serious world of sports entertainment.

But the colossal sideshow attraction was clearly not built to last more than a few years, as evidenced by its increasing mechanical glitches of late.

Its warranty now expired, the enormous android will be sent to a Detroit scrapyard, where it will be dismantled and auctioned off in pieces — the same fate met by the enormous Punjabi Prison structure.

Asked if it had any final words before being turned off forever, the Great Khali merely responded “Gruawhgh.”


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