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Goldberg returns, jaded fans immediately chant “Ryyyyybaaaack”

Goldberg ryback

Wrestling fans were momentarily excited, then immediately bored, by the news of Goldberg’s return.

Legendary professional wrestler Goldberg made his much-hyped return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) today, but instead of a receiving rousing ovation, he was greeted by thousands of jaded fans chanting “Ryyyybacccck.”

Goldberg made his surprise return at a WWE live event in Poughkeepsie, just days before he was due to make an official return on Monday Night Raw.

But when the former WCW champion tried to encourage the fans to chant “Who’s Next,” the know-it-all “smart marks” (a.k.a. “single men”) of WWE’s present-day audience responded with a chorus of “Feed Me More.”

Social media is already buzzing with hashtags and trends belittling the wrestler who was once universally beloved by fans, including:

  • #Goldboo
  • #Booberg
  • #Ryberg
  • #Goldback
  • #FeedUsLess
  • #LessGoldbergMoreSandow

Although WWE had high hopes for the return of Goldberg, sources within the company are reportedly already considering booking him in a losing encounter with Gillberg.

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