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Even Ziggler not sure who he’s dating now

Dolph Ziggler girlfriend

Dolph Ziggler, second from left, wonders which woman he’s supposed to make kissy-faces at.

Though renowned for his ability to “sell” anything, professional wrestler Dolph Ziggler admitted in an interview today that he no longer has any idea who he’s supposed to be dating at the moment.

“I think maybe Lana?” he said on the Art of Wrestling Podcast before quickly correcting himself: “Wait, no, maybe it’s one of the Bellas? Hmm, that doesn’t seem right either.”

Like all wrestling fans, Ziggler is flummoxed by the ever-complicating love-quadrangle involving himself, Lana, Rusev, and Summer Rae — which became even more convoluted recently when Rusev and Lana, despite their onscreen enmity, got engaged.

It has left Ziggler — who has previously been romantically involved with Vickie Guerrero, Kaitlyn, Taryn Terrell, Maria, AJ Lee — utterly confused about who is supposed to be smooching on TV this week.

“I heard a rumor that I’m dating one of the Funkadactyls,” he said.

“Christ, I don’t even know anymore. Why can’t they just let me be a wrestler?”

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