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Dusty Rhodes tag tournament expected to reach confusing, indecisive finish

Dusty Rhodes tag team tournament

Dusty Rhodes is expected to still “hold the book” on the tournament named in his honor.

The ongoing Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament featured on NXT programming will, according to several noted wrestling pundits, culminate in way befitting its namesake — with great confusion and reversed decisions.

“Prepare to be swerved,” said longtime wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer in a prediction that, in uncharacteristic fashion, seems prophetic.

Industry insiders believe the team of Neville and Solomon Crowe will advance to the finals of the tournament to face Tyler Breeze and Bull Dempsey, at which point everything will devolve into chaos.

NXT referee Drake Weurtz will almost certainly fail to witness outside interference, thereby unaware that Breeze has been struck with a steel chair by Rhyno.

After the referee declares Neville and Crowe the winners, NXT general manager William Regal will attempt to reverse the decision, only to have his decision reversed by Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who will announce the match will continue under sudden-death, championships-on-a-pole, losers-leave-town rules.

“The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, gazing down ethereally from the Great Beyond, will then smile wide and squeal “Have merthy!”

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