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CWC competitor performs Yes Lock, Bryan exclaims he’s never seen anything like it

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Daniel Bryan (left) became very excited by a “highly unorthodox” running single leg high knee. 

Upon witnessing Cruiserweight Classic competitor Jack Sabre Jr. perform an Omoplata crossface — better known as the Yes Lock — wrestler-turned commentator Daniel Bryan enthused that he had never before seen such a maneuver, despite having himself popularized it.

“Oh my God!” hollered Bryan, who just a few years ago became wrestling’s greatest underdog hero by vanquishing opponents with the maneuver. “What on Earth is that?!”

Bryan, who was known to have an near-limitless arsenal of moves during his in-ring tenure, seems to have developed selective amnesia since becoming a commentator for the Cruiserweight Classic.

Among the maneuvers he has hyperbolically claimed to have never witnessed before: a dropkick, a a hammerlock, a collar-and-elbow tie-up, an Irish whip, and a handshake.

It is believed Bryan has learned his penchant for exaggeration from colleague Mauro Ranallo, who perpetually speaks with the kind of enthusiasm typically reserved for Southern Baptist preachers.

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