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CM Punk confirmed for WrestleMania to sing America the Beautiful

CM Punk singing

CM Punk intends to show the world a different side of himself with soulful rendition of America The Beautiful.

After a long hiatus from World Wrestling Entertainment, CM Punk has confirmed that he will return to the company for its flagship spectacle, WrestleMania, to perform America the Beautiful.

Punk announced via Twitter this morning that he has spent his so-called “sabbatical” from WWE taking vocal lessons in anticipation of the show-opening performance.

Punk will follow in the footsteps of top-tier performers who have kicked off WrestleMania with the patriotic song, from Ray Charles to Aretha Franklin to WWE’s own Lilian Garcia.

It will likely come as a surprise to many fans that Punk possesses what has been described as an “angelic” singing voice — a delicate but soaring falsetto that has been likened to “Justin Bieber meets Celine Dion.”

Despite his personal affinity for hardcore and punk music, Punk’s vocal stylings veer more toward R&B and adult contemporary.

According to backstage rumors, Punk hopes to be accompanied during the performance by legendary saxophonist Kenny G.

He is expected to “walk out” of the performance before the final chorus.

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