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Climate change denier insists Glacier bigger than ever

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This 1994 photo of Glacier shows him at 298 pounds, be he is reportedly now 320 pounds.

A notorious skeptic of climate change announced today that he has further “evidence” that global warming is “a hoax,” citing that Glacier has not shrunk at all since his 1990s heyday.

“In fact, Glacier appears to have gotten bigger,” says noted conspiracy theorist John Morley, on his blog

Added Morley: “Take that, Al Gore.”

While overwhelming majority of scientists agree that the climate is steadily warming due to human-caused CO2 emissions, Morley argues there is evidence that the climate is actually cooling, such as:

  • The city of Austin is stone cold
  • Scorpio is still 2 cold
  • There’s no more Harlem Heat

He also argues: “If Diesel causes greenhouse gas emissions, why is he Big Daddy Cool?


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