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Cena speaks fluent Klingon at WWE press conference on planet Qo’noS

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John Cena utters one of his classic catchphrases in fluent, guttural Klingon.

Professional wrestler John Cena shocked onlookers at a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) press conference this morning on planet Qo’noS by addressing the crowd in fluent Klingon.

“NaDev yay,” growled Cena in a perfect Klingon rendition of his catch-phrase “The champ is here.”

Added Cena with a guttural gurgle: “Batlh naDev sports mIywI’ chu’ chenpu’ vItu’ ‘oS.” (translation: It is an honor to represent sports entertainment on your fine planet.”)

Cena’s visit to Qo’noS is part of WWE’s expansion to other planetary systems, which is expected to begin in 2025 alongside a re-branding as Universe Wrestling Entertainment (UWE).

Even off-Earth, Cena is a polarizing figure, and his remarks were met with a decidedly mixed reception.

Half of the assembled crowd chanted “maHvaD ghu’vam Cena ghoS” (translation: Let’s go Cena), while the other half — predominantly sad adult male Romulans who just like to hear themselves chant — retorted “Cena fvakh” (translation from Romulan: Cena sucks).

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