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MITB briefcase to be replaced with filing cabinet

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The Money in the Bank Filing Cabinet will be less convenient than the briefcase, but safely store all the necessary legal documents.

Because a standard briefcase can no longer contain the increasingly complicated paperwork associated with a WWE title shot contract, a filing cabinet will be suspended above the ring at this weekend’s pay-per-view event.

“We realize this is less convenient than the briefcase,” said WWE’s chief lawyer, Irwin Hovius.

“But these contracts are quite complex and lengthy.

A four-by-six-foot aluminum filing cabinet with locking drawers will dangle above the ring during the WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view Sunday.

The winning wrestler will not only have to ascend a tall ladder, but also maneuver the 64-pound piece of office equipment safely down to the ring.

The suggestion that the contract might be saved instead on a USB stick has apparently fallen on deaf ears.


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