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Attenion-seeking X-Pac now intentionally bleeding from rectum

Sean Waltman anus

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman now bleeds out of the anus on purpose because he enjoys the attention.

Professional wrestler Sean “X-Pac” Waltman enjoyed his sudden resurgence in fame last month due to an injured anus, so he now deliberately bleeds from his rectum at every time he performs at an independent wrestling show.

After years away from the WWE spotlight, Waltman made headlines across the internet in March after a misplaced “Bronco Buster” maneuver tore his anus, resulting in massive rectal bleeding that required surgery.

Now craving the attention he received for the injury, he deliberately lacerates his anus at independent wrestling shows and conventions across the country.

Waltman has earned the nickname “Abdullah the Butthole,” referring to his willingness to “blade” his own posterior to draw blood, much like hardcore wrestler Abdullah the Butcher has done to his forehead for decades.

Waltman has also developed a new catch-phrase, which has yet to gain traction with fans: “I got two words for ya — rectal bleeding!”

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