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Amore and Cassidy mortified to realize it’s spelled s-o-f-t

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Colin Cassidy (left) and Enzo Amore promise they will bring a dictionary to the ring for all subsequent performances.

Professional wrestlers and catchphrase-spewers Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy were humiliated today after consulting an online dictionary and realizing they have been misspelling the word “soft” for quite some time.

“Wait a second,” said Amore, his eyes bulging in shock and his feather-duster hairdo rippling in disbelief.

“There’s no ‘w’ in there at all? Oh dear, oh dear.”

The popular NXT tag team issued a public apology on “Spelling — apparently you can teach that. We will try to learn.”

The duo’s repeated misspelling of soft — as s-a-w-f-t — is the most egregious syntactical error in professional wrestling since fans of ECW finally realized there is no such letter in the English language as “dub.”

Amore later tweeted: “We apologize for the confusion — we’re very sawry.”


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