Young rock sitcom
Young Brock will showcase the time a 12-year-old Lesnar, at 257 pounds, won Munich’s annual keg-throwing contest at Oktoberfest.

Brock Lesnar is one of the most fearsome competitors to ever set paw in the squared circle, but viewers of a new sitcom will see a different side of The Beast Incarnate on the new sitcom Young Brock, which chronicles his early years training to become Germany’s greatest suplex ambassador. 

The sitcom follows Lesnar’s education at Der Supleks Akademie für problematisch große jungen (The Suplex Academy for Problematically Large Boys), where he struggles to adapt his Minnesotan suplexing style to the German method, perfected by Germany’s Fritz Van Dam Sr.

The first season of Young Brock gives viewers an unprecedented peek behind the scenes at Lesnar’s entire life, beginning with his birth, six weeks premature, at 37 pounds. The series ends when Lesnar, in his early 20s, signs a deal with WWE, forcing him to abandon his PhD at the University of Leipzig in postmodern feminist poetry. 

In episode two, a five-year-old Lesnar begins kindergarten, where his teacher recognizes the boy’s exceptional power, speed, endurance, susceptibility to sunburn, and tendency to shriek like an injured pterodactyl. 

Lesnar himself serves as executive producer on the show, which airs Tuesday nights on CBS opposite NBC’s Young Rock and ABC’s Other Young Rock. 

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