Wyatt family
The producers of Family Feud regret inviting the Wyatt Family to play.

Popular TV game show Family Feud quickly took a bizarre turn during a recent appearance by the cult-like cadre of professional wrestlers known as the Wyatt Family.

Within the first few minutes of play, it became clear to the host and studio audience that the Wyatt Family’s penchant for dark, cryptic riddles was at odds with the show’s typical light and corny fodder.

For example, when host Steve Harvey asked “Name a food that you might eat at a picnic,” Bray Wyatt simply answered: “Worlds.” After the buzzer sounded, the survey revealed that “sandwiches” was in fact the number-one answer.

Moments later, Harvey said: “We asked 100 women, name something your husband wants for Christmas,” to which Luke Harper frantically hollered “Yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahhhhh!”

The Wyatts’ opponents, the Henderson family of Des Moines, were dumbstruck with terror and unable to provide a single correct answer throughout the show.

The Wyatt Family failed to win the grand prize, however, because during the final round Erick Rowan merely stared at Harvey in silence through the eye-holes of a creepy sheep mask.