goldust tag team champion
Goldust has vowed that he will become the undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion.

In a landmark announcement, World Wrestling Entertainment revealed today that its venerable Tag Team Championship will be unified with the crowning of an undisputed Tag Team Champion.

In a press release issued today, the company unveiled the slogan behind the upcoming unification: “There Can Be Only One Tag Team Champion.”

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At the upcoming Royal Rumble event, Cody Rhodes and Goldust — who currently share the Tag Team Championship — will square off in a unification match in which “there must be a winner.”

WWE says that spreading the Tag Team Championship between two people unnecessarily “dilutes the importance of the honor.”

The plan to unify the tag championships has been met with much criticism, however, as some fans believe the Tag Team Championships must, by definition, be held by two people.

Much of the criticism has been aimed at WWE’s insistence that the undisputed champion must still compete according to tag team rules — tagging himself into the ring from the apron, clutching the tag rope while on the apron, and so forth.

While many fans have pointed out that this style of match would make no sense whatsoever, a WWE spokesman replied in a statement: “Since when has anything about wrestling made sense?”

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