money in the bankIt seems World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) hosted its final “Money in the Bank” event last night, as the company announced today that it is “modernizing” with the advent of the “Bitcoin in the Blockchain” ladder matches.

Whereas competitors have hitherto struggled to ascend a ladder to obtain a briefcase containing a championship-match contract, the Bitcoin in the Blockchain match will see opponents attempt to retrieve an encrypted smartphone to win cryptocurrency.

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The match does not end, however, once the phone has been obtained; instead, a wrestler attempt to hack a multi-layered NSA-approved encryption scheme, all while fending off attacks (both physical and cyber) from opponents.

The winner of the match is the wrestler who, upon successfully decrypting the 16-digit cipher, transfers 75 bitcoins (value: somewhere between $4 billion and $1.74, depending on the timing of the match), to his or her blockchain.

WWE tested the new match in front of a live audience at a non-televised “house show” this week in Louisville, where the crowd broke into a chant of  “This is confusing (clap-clap-clapclapclap).”

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