One of Goldberg’s longest matches was against Dolph Ziggler, clocking in at nearly a minute.

Fans of professional sports-entertainment will soon have the opportunity to “binge-watch” the entire WWE careers of their favourite wrestler, starting with a 20-minute marathon of every Goldberg match ever. 

The program, called Who’s Left?, will chronicle every bout from Goldberg’s epic 1996 WCW debut against Hugh Morris (3.8 seconds) to his “broadway” against Dolph Ziggler (42 seconds). 

A Deluxe Blu-Ray and digital download of Who’s Left? will be available to fans who wish to watch a version with Goldberg’s entrances included, which stretches the runtime of the program to just over 83 hours.  

WWE’s next full-career retrospective will showcase every match wrestled by Ric Flair, so you’re going to want to take most of the autumn off work. 

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