wrestlemania 3 crowd
Vince McMahon now insists that the crowd at WrestleMania 3 was larger than the crowd at Donald Trump’s inauguration, and just as easily duped by a wealthy carny.

Detroit’s Pontiac Silverdome was packed to the rafters for the historic third instalment of WrestleMania in 1987, but the actual attendance figure has been in dispute for years — until today, when World Wrestling Entertainment released the “new official attendance number, 357,173.

The originally reported number, 93,173, was “woefully underestimated,” said WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who announced the “new and totally correct” figure this morning.

That original figure has been in dispute for decades, though critics often argue that it was too high, not too low, arguing that the actual number was closer to 78,000.

But McMahon insists otherwise, arguing that there were “probably at least a million people there,” but that the figure of 357,000+ is a “modest, conservative estimate.”

McMahon said the previously reported attendance figures were “too modest,” and failed to take into account the upper-upper-upper-deck of the Silverdome, where nearly 200,000 fans were not visible due to thick cloud cover within the dome.

McMahon also said that this week’s episode of Raw, broadcast from the WWE Performance Centre, had a live crowd of 60,000 trainees.

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