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“John Cena,” said John Cena. “John [dramatic pause] Cena!”
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has never been accused of subtlety, and today the company’s website was clearly engineered to clobber visitors with ham-fisted hints that John Cena is on the cusp of a highly anticipated, exciting and lucrative return.

The homepage of the site, and every page within — whether devoted to Raw, Smackdown, NXT, or Total Miz & Diva Squabbles House — currently highlight John Cena in an overt or indirect way.

A few examples of content currently on WWE’s website:

The clearly lop-sided reporting in favor of Cena has not gone unnoticed by cultural watchdogs who examine the media for bias or compromised integrity.

“This is disgusting social conditioning, designed to brainwash the sheeple into ongoing, unquestioned consumerism,” said Prof. Valentino V. Nuss, a distinguished lecturer at The University of Reptilian Illuminati.

“What kind of example are we setting for the children! Won’t somebody please think of the children!”


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