Professional wrestler Cody Rhodes was once known for his moustachioed “dashing” good looks, but he evidently wants to eschew that image entirely, given that he got his neck-skin permanently inked with some kind of patriotic demon skull monster or something. 

For reasons unknown even to himself (he truly replied “I don’t really know” when asked why he got the tattoo), Rhodes decided to indelibly ink an impossible-to-hide patch of neck with a child’s drawing of a jingoistic devil biker with big ears — or maybe those are wings? And a crown? Or is that a clitoris? 

It seems Rhodes wanted to become as un-dashing as possible, making himself look less like Errol Flynn and more like Perry Saturn. 

Dashing no more, Rhodes now looks like a frat boy who lost a bet one drunken night in the big city and has to live forever with the red-white-and-blue stain of shame.

Rhodes is not alone in his struggle with bad tattooing decisions; science has proven that professional wrestlers are biologically incapable of choosing wisely in the tattooist’s chair, as Brock Lesnar’s chest-phallus makes abundantly clear. 


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