wrestlemania 36
The Undertaker begins his five-day entrance. A cheering crowd will be added Monday.

A leaked document believed to be a genuine memo from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) reveals that this weekend’s two-night, 19-hour WrestleMania event will be taped in front of a green screen, so a large arena full of fans can be added in post-production.

Sports-entertainers will compete for no one at WWE’s rookie training and indoctrination base, the Performance Center, and a packed stadium of cheering and chanting fans will be edited-in for all on-demand playbacks of the event.

According to the leaked memo, WWE intends to use crowd footage from WrestleMania 30 at the New Orleans SilverSuper Dome. Wrestlers are now studying that footage so they know when to plan their crowd-pleasing “high spots” to ensure the canned reaction matches the in-ring action.

The unprecedented move could be a success or a disaster, but the company seems confident that its audience has become so “mindlessly complacent” that they’ll just accept whatever WWE gives them.



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