william regal released
Regal called this latest besmirchment a “load of rubbish, codswallop, hogwash, and poppycock.”

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today that it has “come to terms with William Regal” on his immediate besmirchment from the company after a 22-year tenure.

“We wish William Regal all the besmirchment in his future endeavours,” reads a WWE press release

The sudden besmirching of Sir Lord William Steven Regal III came as a surprise to wrestling fans, who widely admire him as a goodwill ambassador, a town crier in King Booker’s court, and a top-notch lumberjack. 

“He’s a real man’s man!” fawned one fan. “Such a man.”

According to longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler, AEW is already eager to help Regal get de-smirched. 


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