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Seth Todd Rollins relaxes at home now that the spotlight has faded.

Seth Rollins was once the hottest superstar in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), having won the 2019 Royal Rumble match to earn a match at the sports-entertainment’s most celebrated event, WrestleMania.

But Rollins’ meteoric rise to the pinnacle of sports entertainment was followed by a precipitous fall, as Rollins vanished from the public spotlight immediately after Monday Night Raw this week, leaving many fans to wonder where he has been for the past four days.

The investigative journalism team at Kayfabe News — originally called Spotlight until the Boston Globe stole the moniker — spent much of the past several days tracking down the elusive former superstar to find out what he has been doing since his WWE heyday.

Rollins (real name Seth Todd Rollins) is now living in relative obscurity in his childhood hometown of Buffalo, Iowa, filling his days with the unglamorous tasks of doing laundry, brushing his dog Kevin, and reminiscing about his glory days earlier this week.

“Man, when I look back, it seems like just days ago that the WWE fans were cheering my name,” said Rollins, a tears welling in his eyes. “If I could turn back time, I’d would go back about 96 hours to relive those moments.”

Asked if he’ll ever return to the squared circle, Rollins contemplated the question for several silent moments, as if visualizing a return to his former glory.

“Yep,” he finally replied. “House show tomorrow in Duluth, Sunday in Minneapolis, and then Raw Monday in Green Bay.”

We will follow the story of Rollins’ triumphant WWE comeback as it develops.

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