Great Khali now
The Great Khali (left) has said he is feeling “graungh nauwhgh brawuhg” about returning to WWE!

The Great Khali, who towered over the competition in WWE a decade ago, is returning to sports-entertainment, and this time he has trimmed down and shortened down to be eligible for 205 live. 

Though best known for his incredible height of well over seven feet, Khali’s towering stature came with drawbacks, like wobbly knees and the gait of a half-tranquilized giraffe. 

So during his hiatus, The Great Khali (real name Barry Skreeve of Windsor, Ontario) embarked on a gruelling fitness regimen to get slimmer, speedier, and roughly 22.7 inches shorter. Khali ran countless miles with an anvil strapped to the top of his head, to progressively compact his absurdly long spine. 

The hard work paid off, as The Great Khali is set to make his WWE return at the ideal cruiserweight dimensions of 187 pounds, zero percent body fat, five-foot-four. He has aligned himself with Jinder Mahal, whom Khali now literally looks up to. 

Khali is scheduled to return at Hell in a Cell, where he’ll face Ricochet and Adam Cole in a three-way TLC match for the NXT Cruiserweight Universal US Championship. 


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