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Sting confirmed for Survivor Series, reports some guy on internet


According to reports from someone with social media accounts, Sting makes his WWE debut this weekend.

Legendary professional wrestler Sting is “100 percent confirmed” to make his long-awaited World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) debut at Survivor Series, reports some guy on the internet.

The enigmatic pro wrestler — one of the few top stars to never perform in a WWE ring — is expected to be a last-minute substitution into Team Cena, according to the guy’s Twitter feed.

The news immediately went viral among wrestling fans, who have almost universally lost the ability to distinguish authentic journalism from hearsay, rumor-mongering clickbait and, on occasion, satire.

Although the news has neither been confirmed nor denied by Sting or World Wrestling Entertainment, the majority of fans incredulously believe that such silence is tantamount to a tacit admission of its truth.

The news has been traced back to Twitter user @AmbroseFan84, who reported to his 43 followers that he learned about Sting’s impeding WWE debut from “a friend of my cousin, who totally met Virgil last year, so it’s gotta be ture (sic).”

Meanwhile, other wrestling news sites have also confirmed for Survivor Series the long-awaited returns of CM Punk, Mordecai, and Andre the Giant.


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