undertaker not impressed
The Undertaker (real name Theo N. deTaikur) defeated Goldberg somehow, though the footage on the WWE Network does not reveal how.

Despite trumpeting it as a “historic, first-time-ever dream match,” World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has uploaded an edited version — just four minutes long — of Friday’s bout between The Undertaker and Goldberg.

Whereas the sports-entertainment company insists the edited match is “subtly streamlined,” the revision is 94 percent shorter than the original match, and shows only the elaborate entrances and the final three-count.

The match, held Friday at Super ShowDown in [REDACTED], fell short of many fans’ expectations, with Goldberg (67)  knocking himself unconscious, and the Undertaker (71) involuntarily soiling his adult undergarments.

While many of the fans at The King [MABEL] Stadium in Je[RSEY CITY] found the match entertaining, the bout was generally not well received by fans or pundits in the West, who unanimously considered it a dumpster fire.

The edited version of the match now available on the WWE Network features the Undertaker’s full entrance, footage of a Goldberg entrance from WCW in 1997, and numerous audio clips of former commentator Vince McMahon hollering “What a maneuver!”


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