Triple-H demonstrates an effective punch, in which his left boot stomps on the mat simultaneosly with this fist reaching his opponent's head.

A new study published in the respected journal Sports Medicine Monthly proves what wrestlers have intuitively known for years — that stomping their feet while throwing punches somehow makes the blows hurt more.

“Though we don’t yet fully understand why, we do know that if a wrestler stomps his foot on the mat while throwing a punch, his opponent suffers at least 30 per cent more,” writes Dr. Hamish Jefferson of Yale University.

“Wrestlers have been doing it for years, but we now have scientific evidence to back up the efficacy of this technique.”

Contacted by Kayfabe News, veteran wrestler Triple-H said he is glad the scientific community has proven the effectiveness of what he calls “stompching.”

“Apparently some people thought we stomped our feet just to make a loud, impressive-sounding thump,” he said. “That’s just silly.”