saudi wwe fans
Front-row spectators at a previous WWE event in Saudi Arabia did not notice Braun Strowman winning anything.

World Wrestling Entertainment makes its return to Saudi Arabia today for Super ShowDown, and a Saudi Prince whose ringside sofa seat costs more than your house is eagerly anticipating mingling with fellow trillionaires throughout the whole show.

Muhammad bin Aziz is planning to drive his favorite Lamborghini to the King Abdullah International Stadium, where he will sit on a plush sofa with his back turned to the ring and chat with princes who could only afford $400,000 second-row sofas.

The prince is mildly interested in the possibility of meeting some famous wrestlers, particularly after he heard Andre the Giant might be there, but he is mostly looking forward to seeing himself on the so-called TitanTron.

He does, however, intend to glance at the ring from time to time throughout the event, just to make sure there are no women in there.

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