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Think you’re wrestling-literate? That’s an oxymoron!

If you are reading Kayfabe News, you are clearly an intelligent, well-informed wrestling enthusiast who knows a lot more about the sport than some lame casual fan. 

But only the most educated “smart” fans know what these cryptic acronyms stand for. 

Bet you can’t ace this quiz!

1. What does ECW stand for? 

a. Effin’ Crazy Wrestling

b. Extra Chairshots Withstood 

c. Eccentric Concussed Wrestlers 

d. ECW stood for nothing but violence, and should be banned from the internet forever! 


2. Jake Roberts is considered the master of the DDT, but do you know what the letters stand for? 

a. Dick Dudley Takedown

b. Damian’s Dad’s Tackle

c. Damian Died by Tenta

d. Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane


3. Remember TNA Wrestling? Did you ever know what the name stood for? 

a. Trashy Nashville Athletics Wrestling

b. Tits ‘N Ass Wrestling

c. Tennessee’s Nicest Attraction: Wrestling

d. Total Non-Action Wrestling


4. If you get channel 897 and watch it at 4:45 am on Sundays, you’ve probably seen ROH! But what does ROH stand for? 

a. Ring of Horror 

b. Ring of Homer 

c. Ring of Honesty

d. Rasslers Open to Helmsley


5. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Paul Roma led the nWo to dominance in the 1990s. But what did the cryptic acronym stand for? 

a. Nasty Wrinkled Oldies

b. New Weird Odor 

c. Nineties Workrate Oppressors 

d. The nWo did not stand for anything, but they would quickly lay down for a paycheck and/or a poke. 


6. What does NXT stand for? 

a. National Xtreme Titans

b. Nifty eXtra Talent

c. Newbies eXamined by Trips

d. It doesn’t stand for anything. It is pronounced “angst,” to denote the anxiety felt by rookie wrestlers yearning for a main-roster spot. 


7. Shawn Michaels has the peculiar nickname “HBK.” What does it stand for? 

a. Hart Break King

b. Has Badass Kicks

c. Heart Burn Kid

d. Hairline Barely Keeping


8. Everyone loves RVD, but what do his initials stand for? 

a. Robert Van Dinklage 

b. Reefer Von Dopesmoker 

c. Reginald VelDonson

d. Rip Van Dinkle 


9. The TLC match is one of the most beloved and exciting types of wrestling bout. But what the heck does TLC stand for? 

a. Tender Lovin’ Care

b. Tables Lounges and Chaises 

c. The Learning Channel

d. Tippy Ladders Crashing


10. The underdog success story of 2020, aside from the great success of a tiny new virus in replicating itself, was the success of AEW. But what does AEW stand for? 

a. Adorably Eager Wrestlers 

b. American Extreme Wrestling 

c. All Elitist Wrestling

d. It is supposed to be the word “AWE” but the graphic designer is dyslexic, so Cody just rolled with it. 


All the answers you seek are here



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