Rusev and Lana
Rusev (left) beams with joy now that his wife Lana has returned to him.

Fans of professional sports-entertaining have been riveted in recent weeks by the cuckolding of Rusev by Robert “Bobby” Lashley, but recent photos have emerged that seem to show Rusev back together with his estranged wife Lana.

The photo, at right, shows the couple happily posing for pictures at a recent press conference to promote the upcoming WrestleMania event in Florida, and Lashley is nowhere to be seen.

In fact, paparazzi and fans alike have snapped photos of Rusev and Lana in multiple locales, always looking completely at ease, as if they have managed to put their seemingly irreconcilable differences behind them.

Below is a picture — apparently a self-piccie, or “selfie” — of the duo on a recent trip to the beach:

And here they are during a full moon, in the middle of their monthly transformation into werewolves due to a tragic case of lycanthropy:

As for Lashley, it seems he has moved on to another relationship as well. Here is is with new girlfriend Bayley Finkelstein.

Now watch this and subscribe. Oh, and buy a goddamn t-shirt, you ungrateful monster:



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