right to censor
From left to right: Karen Ivory, Karen Shango, Karen Venis, Karen Buchanan and Karen Richards.

A new sociological study published today by Harvard researchers demonstrates irrefutably that the phenomenon currently known as “cancel culture” officially launched in the year 2000 by sports-entertainment faction Right to Censor.

The group, led by Steven Richards (real name Richard Stevens), sought to restore civility and decency amid the lascivious “Attitude Era,” thus making them the world’s first-known group of total Karens. 

Valerie “Val” Venis, a former pornographic film star who saw the error in his immoral ways, became a prominent member of the group (and to this day, he is a staunch anti-pot campaigner and a proud social justice warrior). 

Richards and Venis were joined in the morally upstanding group by The Goodfather, a one-time pimp who stepped off the Ho Train to speak out against pimping, hoeing, and voodoo, and Bull Buchanan, who played the bailiff on Night Court

Although no longer on TV, Right to Censor is still a strong faction. In fact, they were instrumental in getting WWE Hall of Famer and disgraced loser Donald Trump kicked off Twitter, Facebook, and his favorite platform, TOUT. 



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