Fans of the popular docu-comedy The Office are abuzz this week amid the news that the program will get a reboot, and starring in the role of hapless boss Michael Scott will be professional sports-entertainer Mike “The Miz” Mizazazinin.

The Miz is no stranger to Hollywood, having starred in such critically acclaimed classics as Christmas Bounty and The Marine 4: Moving Target through The Marine 17: The Marine Goes to Camp, but the office will be his first leading role in a TV comedy.

The reboot of The Office, expected to launch on NBC Feb. 30, 2024, will feature a mix of returning and new cast members, including several other stars from the world of wrestling.

  • Jim Cornette as Dwight Schrute
  • Corey Graves as Ryan Howard
  • Eric Bischoff as Robert California
  • Charlotte Flair as Meredith Palmer
  • Ron Simmons as Darryl Philbin

The first episode reportedly opens with Jim Cornette discovering that someone has hidden his tennis racket in Jell-O.

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