For more than a decade, Kayfabe News has delivered the world’s hardest-hitting, least-reliable journalism about professional wrestling, and now Kayfabe News is poised to dominate Hollywood with its forthcoming film, The Ref Didn’t See It! 

Rumors are already swirling that the film, still in production, will sweep the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and the Slammys. 

Longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler of the Wrestling Watcher newsletter has already rated the film 17 Stars after seeing only the teaser below. 

The documentary is a celebration of wrestling’s unsung heroes in zebra shirts, the referees who maintain law and order amid the chaos in the ring. 

Kayfabe News is offering exclusive free crap for everyone who subscribes for updates from the filmmakers and follows on Kickstarter. 

This is a real movie, by the way. Kayfabe News has occasionally stretched the truth in the past, but this movie is real and will be awesome. Join the fun! 

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