Think you’ve seen it all in pro wrestling?

Well, you’re probably right. 

In late-non-breaking non-news, a bunch of wrestling nerds got all worked up because CM Punk went on yet another puffed-up, self-important rant about how wrestling fans are all, like, “blah blah blah” and other “workers” are like “yada yada yada” and so forth.

Punk reportedly deleted his latest tantrum shortly after publishing it, but intrepid internet “journalists” “captured” a screenshot of it, and here we are talking about some CM Punk tirade again. Again.

Have we not learned, people? 

Punk’s rant, written in the rhymeless triambic nontameter of Angsty Teen Poetry, conveys the latest petty quibbling and mudslinging about some silly wrestling backstage tiff or another.

Despite the utter inanity of this non-news, the “internet wrestling community” (IWC) is abuzz about this “incident,” and will be until mom hollers that dinner is ready.

In other non-news from the wrestling world today, Omos is tall. 

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